Kid'z Happy Hour: After School Program

Wednesdays: 3pm to 5pm @ the Paullina Public Library

Each Wednesday the library will throw open its doors for community kids to enjoy and experience the library after school. The library will be open to the general public but our services will be focused on kids and students from 3pm to 5pm. The library will provide snacks, stories, games, and crafts for kids to enjoy together. Happy Hour is an open time for kids to experience the library and have some fun. Students are welcome to come and go and participate as they please as patrons of the library. During the after school program the computer island will be shut down so students can enjoy some unplugged time. The library is not responsible for students but is providing services for them during these hours. Students who are not adhering to library standards as polite patrons will be invited to leave and try again next time.

We look forward to sharing this time with our community kids!